Peacock Visual Arts Centre



Aberdeen, UK


Peacock Visual Arts


Arts centre comprising: exhibition spaces, art studios, dance studios, a multi-purpose room, television and digital studios, library, office, restaurant and bar


3 900 m²


£10 000 000


2007 – 2010


The new building for the Peacock Visual Arts Centre will be situated on three stepped terraces within Union Terrace Gardens. This setting, coupled with the strict requirement that no building obstruct the view to His Majesty’s Theatre from Union Street, gives rise to a unique architectural condition in that the building is literally entered from the top down - via the roof that will also serve as an expansive urban space. On the roof we envision a host of different ephemeral activities – market, bookstalls, exhibitions, café. These activities will attract visitors to the gardens and the new building; they will enrich the urban life along Union Terrace and also serve as a living signage of sorts for the Peacock Visual Arts.

Peacock Visual Arts is unique in Scotland in its range of facilities (digital imaging, photography, printmaking, video and internet television) and services it offers. It promotes many participatory projects, residencies, exhibitions of contemporary art, learning opportunities and public events each year.

The new premises will also contain the Aberdeen City Council’s Arts Development, Arts Education, and Citymoves Dance Space. The latter provides specialist dance classes and workshops.

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