Le Prisme Concert Venue



Aurillac, FR


Communauté d’agglomération du bassin d’Aurillac


4500-capacity multi-purpose hall for sport, trade shows and performance


5 265 m²


9 165 000 €


Completed 2007


The building is a new venue for theatre, concerts, fairs and sports events. It contains retractable seating and a demountable stage for versatility.

As it is never permanently inhabited, the building is essentially a chamber for ephemeral events. Like stage scenery or a flamboyant costume, the building is meant to be seen from afar. It is an instantly recognizable object. During the day, the sunlight plays with the 25,000 bespoke pyramidal shaped glass bricks, producing glimmering effects and dramatic shadows. In the evening the building awakens as the Fresnel lens-like surfaces of the glass bricks amplify the intensity of the coloured lighting scheme, producing a glittering facade.

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