O4A, Clichy-Batignolles



Paris, FR


Paris Habitat OPH


144 social housing units (over 2 housing blocks), housing block 2 is designed by Antoine Regnault Architecture, 15 classes nursery and primary school, regional sports centre, retail and parking facilities. 


18 000 m²


37 320 000 €




WAN AWARDS 2019:  
Mixed Used Category GOLD Winner

Affordable Housing Category Finalist
(winners announced Feb 2020)


ANTOINE REGNAULT Architecture, Housing block 2
VP & GREEN, Structures and Façade
INEX, Services and Sustainability
AXIO, Cost
POINT D'ORGUE, Acoustics
ACCES, Fire and access
CoSyRest / PK INGENIERIE, Kitchen
VDArchitecture, Site supervision


Generosity within a dense city

Situated in central Paris in the 17th district, the site is part of a new neighbourhood built over a former railyard and around a new park.

The site itself stretches between the park and an artificial street, and comprises of 144 social housing units, a 15-classroom primary school and a regional level sports centre.

We took on the challenge of ensuring that the density would not be felt, either at the city level, or by its users, by creating a sense of lightness and openness.

The design is conceived to be a gust of generosity. It features shared amenities such as a shared roof garden, a bicycle repair workshop, ashared function room, and a sky terrace.
This quality trickles down from the urban strategy to the architectural spaces and interior finishes, including those of the social housing units.

Ornament and identity

The exterior of the building is a modern variation on a typical Hausmanian façade. Materials are woven into a landscape of diamond-shaped patterns,a unifying and identifiable motif featured in the handrails, the wall cladding, and the brickwork.

Inside, each entity stands out on its own. The sports centre circulation remains bare, with light concrete and steel columns, while each activityroom presents a distinct identity: a warm and dazzling copper toned dance room, a deep turquoise sports hall, and a textured but solemn martial artsroom.
The school on the other hand is soft and natural. Light wooden panels clad the walls of the circulation spaces, which are tiled with a gradient of tansand yellows.

Search for light at every scale

The search for light informs the massing strategy. Underground, the sports centre emerges on the street and park sides, to capture light throughclerestory windows. Inside, interior glass partitions transform what could have been an underground bunker into cathedral-like spaces. Throughout, light is guided across the various rooms, piercing through hallways and shimmering along surfaces, creating a sense of brightness and airiness.  


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