Allée du Parc



ZAC Vilgénis, Massy, FR




137 residential units, including 32 social housing and 4 live-work units, retail, a nursery and 173 parking spaces


11 153 m²






Situated on the edge of an exceptional leafy estate in the Bièvre Valley outside Paris, the mixed-used building displays an atypical urban vision between city and countryside. 


Its city-block morphology gives the entrance to the new Vilgénis neighbourhood a distinctive urban nature. The building’s varying heights play visually with the existing incline of the street and transform its rooftops into habitable terraces, shared or private. 


Light penetrates the heart of the complex thanks to strategically raised or dropped corners, which also protect its inhabitants from prevailing winds. 


The natural environment of the site is disturbed only by the cookie cutter-shape of the building. In the vast planted garden in its centre, an impression of microcosm prevails. The transition between city and nature is enhanced by greenery along the periphery of the building at ground level, and with 3 large openings in the façade granting direct access to the garden from the street. 


Local shops along the main thoroughfare, live-work units and a nursery all occupy the ground floor at street level therefore ensuring that no homes be situated there. 


The façade is deliberately simple. Built with natural materials such as fair-faced concrete and wood, its design has an elegant sobriety. 


The developer Emerige is one of the signatories of the French Ministry of Culture ‘One building, One work of art’ charter. When it came to defining in which way an artist could contribute to the building, we took on the exciting challenge of making the concrete pattern a work of art, thereby pushing the artist / architect collaboration to its extreme. The French artist Eva Jospin was selected to design the formwork lining. Inspired by nature, it will cover the exposed concrete of the façade in its entirety. 



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